Where are we in the process?

We are knee deep in the paperwork step of this adoption process!  We have completed our Home Study and are currently filling out applications to multiple agencies here in the States.  We are hoping to adopt a child that is 0-12 months old which has led us to chose a domestic adoption.  We are working with an adoption consulting agency called Christian Adoption Consultants.  We have an amazing consultant who has helped us put together our adoption profile book and has also given us a list of recommended agencies to which we will apply.  CAC (Christian Adoption Consultants) has been such a blessing as they have helped us navigate the somewhat overwhelming adoption process.  With the help of our consultant we have chosen 3-5 agencies and hope to have our applications in within the next couple of weeks!

We will also begin fundraising soon to help cover some of the medical and legal fees associated with adoption.  There will be many opportunities to help contribute in the coming weeks if you feel led!  If you are interested in making a contribution you can click on this Want to help? link or access it from the main menu.  We have a PayPal account set up for donations and a separate bank account established, but will also be offering some other ways to get involved.  I will be putting together collegiate baskets with Handmade by Hope goodies to be raffled off (first raffle coming NEXT WEEK!).  Also, be on the look out for some custom furniture pieces built by J.D. himself!  I will be posting about these opportunities along with many more here on the blog and other social media outlets. Please feel free to share our blog/fundraising links on your social media 🙂   We know that God will provide for this adoption in ways we cannot even imagine, so more than anything we ask for your prayers during this adventure!


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