A new development…

Y’all this adoption process is complex!  There are so many things to think about and SO much paperwork!  We were warned, but until you are in the middle of it there is no way to to truly grasp it!  We have been blessed by so many families at church who have adopted and have been able to offer us amazing advice and talk us through this crazy time.  Which leads me to our new development…

Last week I had lunch with a friend from church who has personal experience with adoption.  After talking with her, JD and I decided to pursue the possibility of adopting locally in addition to working with the out of state agencies recommended by Christian Adoption Consultants.  She suggested meeting with a local lawyer from Decatur who specializes in adoptions and who is an adoptive parent himself!  We had our meeting on Wednesday and were both super impressed with him and feel like we are in good hands.  There are a unique set of pros and cons that come along with adopting in state and adopting out of state.  We initially shied away from local adoption because Alabama Adoption laws scared us a little.  For example, the time the birthmother has to change her mind after birth is significantly longer than in other states.  After suffering two losses so late in my pregnancy (Our Road to Adoption)I was not sure if this was a risk I was willing to take.  The thought of bringing a baby home and getting attached only to have that baby taken from us a week later gave me heart palpitations.  Then it dawned on me…GOD HAS GOT THIS!  If that happens, it is a part of HIS plan and there WILL be a reason.  I realized I was worrying about things instead just letting go turning it all over to the one who is ALWAYS in control.  Truth is, He already knows who our baby is and the road we will take to meet that baby, in state or out of state.  I know there will be long, hard days/weeks/months of waiting for Him to lead us to our baby, but I also feel so much peace knowing HE HAS GOT THIS!  We are just along for the ride!


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