Christmas in July!

Santa Claus and his elves have been very busy in Baby Davis’ nursery the last week or so!  The first elf to visit us was Nana Davis and she brought us a brand new rocking chair!  This was one of the big pieces we still needed for the nursery and we were totally surprised by the delivery!  I can’t wait to read books and sing songs and spend many, many hours cuddling in this rocking chair!

Then after visiting with Aunt Candace, Uncle Mark, and Cousins Wilson and Anna last week I was sent on my merry way with two giant airline carseat bags Santa bags full of goodies!  We can now clothe our new baby as soon as he/she arrives!!  Since we won’t know the gender until we are matched with a birthmother we are very happy to have stacks of boy clothes and girl clothes…and who knows…we might need both since J.D. told one attorney we are working with that we are open to twins.  Yikes! The Hancock elves also contributed the beautiful crib!

It has made the waiting a little bit easier as we have worked on setting up the nursery.  It gives me hope that one day we will (Lord willing) have a baby to rock to sleep and place gently in the crib.   We have not seen any new situations lately and have not had the opportunity to present our profile to any expectant birthmothers, but I know God is still working behind the scenes(mostly on my heart).  It is hard when there are long stretches of days/weeks with no activity on the adoption front, but I have to step back and trust in the Lord’s timing.  This process has really stretched and tested me in ways that I did not anticipate.  Over the last couple of weeks I feel that God has placed my weaknesses right underneath the spotlight and I have become majorly convicted about the way I have let this adoption become all-consuming (blog post to come on that soon).  However, He has used friends, conversations, and Sunday School lessons to meet me where I am speak directly to my heart…and for this I am grateful!  He will NEVER abandon us, even in our sinfulness and weakness.  I start back to work tomorrow and although I would love a couple more weeks of summer I know the distraction will be good for me.  I pray that it gives me the time I need to regain focus and perspective.   Thank you to all of you for the many ways you support us.  All of your kind words, messages and encouragement reanimate us when the going gets tough.  It is amazing how the Lord can work through a simple email, text or note that arrives at EXACTLY the right moment.  And to all of you prayer warriors:  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  We can feel your love and prayers surrounding us each day!!


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