Time to pray…and network.

So there really hasn’t been any news lately on the adoption front.  It appears we have hit a stagnant period.   It is insane the way you can see 3 or 4 emails a week with potential birth mother situations and then silence…for weeeeeeks.  We have not seen any situations in about the last month or so and are just patiently waiting on God’s timing.

Here’s where we are right now and how it works (in a nutshell)- We are working with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC)  and they have list of recommended agencies.  There are about 4 agencies on the list that will waive the application fees for CAC families.  We have sent our application and profile book into these agencies, but since we have not paid the fees we are kind of a”back burner” family.  These agencies will first approach families who have paid their fees and then if they do not have someone in their agency they will send the situation to the CAC families.  This is the reason we have not seen very many situations/situations with high legal risks and/or significant substance abuse.

So, here is where the first prayer request comes in…there are also a number of recommended agencies through CAC where we can pay the application fees and become a fully active family.  JD and I have said we would wait it out for a couple of months with the agencies that waive the fee and then reevaluate based on how things are going.  We know this could be a long process regardless of how we proceed, but we also know God has a perfect plan for our family and that everything will come together at the exact right moment based on his timing.  We fully trust in this timing, but we also feel like we have reached the point where we must make some moves and get ourselves out there.  Our consultant, Susan, recommended that we apply to Adoption Choices of Nevada based on their great reputation and our budget.  We ask that you pray with us as we make the major decision of whether or not to apply to this agency.  The reason we are a little nervous is because it is SO far from home and any out of state adoption will require at least a two week stay once the baby is born.  This is an added cost on top of the already hefty price tag of $35,000-$45,000.  We know God will provide for this adoption in miraculous ways, but adding the expense of air travel and lengthy hotel stays makes the cost seem almost insurmountable. I know it is just another way the Lord is testing my faith and saying to me- “Hope, you have got to let go of EVERYTHING and trust me to handle the details.”  Every time I think I have successfully relinquished control He pushes me a little further outside of my comfort zone.

We still have not given up hope on a local/private adoption.  We actually would LOVE for a private adoption to work out from a financial standpoint.  It would eliminate the need for expensive travel and the cost would be closer to $5,000-$10,000 which definitely makes my number-crunching husband much happier!  So this is where you come in!  We are trying to spread the word to EVERYONE we know that we are adopting in hopes that someone has a connection to a birth mother wanting to place her baby up for adoption.  We are hoping the news that we are adopting spreads like wildfire…so tell everyone YOU know too!  When we met with the lawyer in Decatur he told us to tell every teacher and healthcare professional we know since many times they come across young women looking to place their babies up for adoption.  I have been doing my best to get the word out, but feel free to share our story with anyone you come across 🙂

Click here to read about our road to adoption

As we enter this next stage of the process we ask that you join us in prayer.  Here are some specific ways you can be praying with us:
-Guidance from the Lord on how to proceed/what steps we should take next
-Patience and peace as we face the unknown
-Letting go of the reins and trusting the Lord to provide
-Strength and stamina to continue on this journey
-Future baby Davis and his/her birth mother

Thank you for all of the continued prayers and the many ways you have supported us so far through this adoption process!





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