Checking in…


I just wanted to write a quick post and let everyone know how we are doing.  We are getting settled into our routine here in Arizona and praying for clearance to travel back home SOON.  We received clearance from Arizona today and now just have to wait on Alabama to clear us so we can travel across state lines.

Little Sebastian is absolutely thriving!  He is currently snoring away as I write this.  Everyday more and more of his precious little personality comes out and we have enjoyed learning all about each other.  He loves to cuddle, dance and to “talk and talk and talk”.  We have no clue what he is saying, but oh boy is he saying it with conviction.  JD says he is preaching…which is EXACTLY what it looks and sounds like 🙂 .We are staying in an amazing location with lots of parks and fun activities!  One of our favorite outings is to the park to swing and feed the ducks, but we also enjoy lazy mornings in our pjs in our hotel room.

Sebastian definitely has a fear of abandonment so we are doing everything we can to make him feel safe, loved and secure.  We are not sure what language he has been around so we have been speaking English to him and I also have been speaking Spanish to him.  We can see his interaction skills improving every day and it so much fun!  Please continue to pray for his heart and that he can sense the security and love from us.  Also, that a peace would sweep over him- although he is a happy, spunky little guy I know there is great sadness and loss that he is processing through.  He has moments where he cries and I know it is more than just a toddler tantrum.  It comes from a place of great heartache and grief…which is totally understandable based on his experience.  So please cover him in prayer and pray for us as we help him work though this grief.

JD had to return to Alabama yesterday to go back to work.  While I am so glad he was here and got to bond with Sebastian, it made for a looooooooooong night of missing dad and wondering where he was.  Please pray we get clearance quickly so we can get home and all be reunited.  I know Sebastian is struggling with JD being gone and I hope we can settle into a new normal soon…just before it is all thrown into chaos again when we head home to Alabama.

For now we will continue chugging along in Arizona!  Thank you all for all your prayers and support!  We could not have done this without you guys!  Love you all!



One thought on “Checking in…

  1. Mary Garnet says:

    I think you are the most caring, sensitive, and nurturing mother Sebastian could have–as perfectly designed by God! We are praying for all of you as you adjust to the changes and transitions ahead, understand the effects of Sebastian’s past experiences, and enjoy the blessings and joy of your news family. Keeping you on our prayers, Joe and Mary


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