Sweet Home Alabama!


WE ARE HOME!!!!  After spending the last two weeks in Arizona, we were able to return home yesterday (December, 13th)!  Here is a look at what we’ve been up to:

In Arizona

The last two weeks or so have been some of the best of my life, but also some of the toughest.  I have LOVED getting to know Sebastian and we have played and played and played.  However, hotel living with a toddler is quite challenging.  By the end of our two weeks we both had a major case of cabin fever.  There were days Sebastian would cry/whine when we would walk up to the door of our hotel room…and honestly, I felt the same.   I will say that Arizona has AMAZING parks and we park hopped a lot to get out and stretch our legs.  We also took a daily stroll to either Wal-Mart or the mall and of course spent a lot of time at Target.

JD returned home on December 6th and Sebastian and I braved it alone for about the next 5 days.  Over the course of the week we found out that we would be meeting with Sebastian’s birth mom and also some of his other extended family members.  We received clearance to come home last Friday, but we stayed in Arizona over the weekend to meet with Sebastian’s birth family.  JD flew back out to Phoenix early Sunday the 11th so that he could be there for the meetings.  On Sunday we met with Sebastian’s birth mother and it was a good meeting.  My heart aches for this young woman as she not only placed Sebastian up for adoption, but shortly after also placed his 5 year old sister.  Please pray for her as she processes through the grief of being separated from her children.  Then on Monday afternoon we met with Sebastian’s grandmother, aunt and cousin.  This was a HEART-WRENCHING meeting.  They were blindsided by the birth mother’s choice to place the children up for adoption and were forced to say goodbye against their will.  It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life.  Adoption brings such joy on one end, but on the other there is immense loss.  We have promised to maintain steady contact and will make sure that Sebastian grows up knowing his 5 year old sister as well as his birth family.  I cannot put into words how quickly I fell in love with this little boy so I can’t even imagine the pain his extended family is feeling right now.  Needless to say we are processing through a wide range of emotions.

The Trip Home

So yesterday was our return trip and I was quite nervous about how it would all go.  Since JD flew back out to Phoenix last minute we were not able to get him on the same flights as us…he actually flew a completely different airline than us and flew into a different city.  He was however able to be there to help with all the luggage at the airport which was a HUGE relief.  I had been stressing out about how I was going to return the rental car, lug two suitcases, a car seat and a toddler into the airport.  Luckily I just had the car seat and the toddler!  Since this was Sebastian’s first flight and I have only known him for about 2 weeks I was VEEEEERY curious as to how things would go.  We got the 3 hour flight over with first, praise the Lord.  We had a window seat and he kicked the seat in front of him played for about 30 minutes before he had a total come apart.  He, like most toddlers, fights sleep and did not want to give in to a nap.  After about a 5 minute (which seemed like an ETERNITY) tantrum he finally fell asleep and napped for about an hour and a half.  Once he woke up we watched some Elmo’s World to pass the time until we arrived in Atlanta. We then had 3 hours to kill in Atlanta…I am exhausted just thinking back to those 3 hours.  I was dripping sweat as I toted all of my carry-on toddler gear around while chasing Sebastian or pushing him in the stroller.  Knowing the window seat on the flight to Huntsville would not be a pleasant experience for anyone involved we went and talked to the gate agent.  Bless her soul, because she gave us the last row of the plan all to ourselves.  It was actually a fun and enjoyable flight and Sebastian won over all the flight crew and got spoiled with lots of cookies and apple juice.  We survived the trip home and boy am I glad it is in the past!

Back Home in Alabama

We got home about 5:00 yesterday evening and had a good first night at home.  Sebastian loved running around and exploring the house.  He was a tired little guy and went to sleep easily and slept really well.  Today we played a lot with our new toys (although, we enjoyed the mixing bowls and tupperware much more) and made a grocery run to pick up all his favorite snacks.  I pray he continues to do well and feels comfortable in his new home!  We are so happy to be back just in time for Christmas and cannot wait to settle into our new routine as a family of 3!  We are overjoyed and beyond grateful for the opportunity we have to be his parents and we cannot wait to share with him all the amazing ways God worked in order to bring us all together as a family!


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