Introducing Sebastian (and how you can help us out)…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Here is our little guy!!

(More pictures at the bottom of the post)

We are so over the moon in love with this precious boy!!  As you can see he is a spunky and happy go lucky guy.  We have loved getting home and exploring our new surroundings.  He enjoys running from room to room and playing with all his new toys.  He is also 100% toddler and does NOT love going to sleep.  As I write this he cracking himself up and is doing seat drops in his pack n play to avoid his nap.  We will see if sleep happens :/  He really has settled in well and made a seamless transition to his new home.  We continue to learn all about the things he loves (sweet potatoes, fruit, chicken, anything sweet or covered in honey and syrup) and doesn’t love (hamburgers, bacon…WE CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  WHO DOESN’T LOVE BACON!?).

He contines to “talk and talk and talk and talk”.  We still aren’t sure what he is saying, but he definitely knows what he’s talking about.  He is a bright little boy and learns things very quickly.  After showing him how to do something once or twice he has got it down!    We are so thrilled to have him home in time for Christmas and we are looking forward to celebrating as a family of three this year and creating some new traditions!!


A lot of you have asked how you can help.  Thanks to so many of you, we have a closet full of diapers, toys galore, lots of clothes and plenty of sippy cups 🙂  Which brings me to the part that is SO uncomfortable for me.  I do not like doing this one bit…but what we really need is help with our fundraising efforts to cover the expenses of his adoption.  We were able to cover all of our travel expenses (plane tickets, hotel, supplies we needed while in AZ) thanks to many of you and your generosity, but we now need to begin fundraising to cover the over $30,000 we paid for the agency fees, legal fees, birth mother expenses, etc.

I have created a fundraising Facebook page (here is the link:Facebook Fundraising Page)  that you can like and share with all of your family and friends.  There are many ways you can get involved!  I will be having an online auction (here is the link: Online Auction) for some of my collegiate crocheted items just in time for this arctic air that has moved in.  We will also be launching our Adopt an Envelope Fundraiser Event (all the details on the Facebook Fundraising page and another blog post to follow later this week).  I will also be doing another t-shirt order for those of you who missed out and still want a t-shirt(click here for info: Adoption T-shirt Fundraiser)!  As always you can check out our Want to help? page by clicking on that link.

We love you all and are so glad you have joined us on this journey!  We still are still in awe of the fact the Lord has answered our prayers and that we now have a son!  I find myself constantly crying tears of joy and offering up prayers of thanksgiving.  We always knew the Lord had us walk a difficult road to becoming parents for a reason.  We knew there would be a beautiful chapter in our story.  I NEVER in a million years would have guessed the plot twists the Author of life had in store for us, but He led us directly to Sebastian and we know it was His plan ALL ALONG.  Praise be to Him!

(Oh, and P.S.  now I am listening to the most precious little snoring 🙂 )


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