Our Road to Adoption


Welcome to our adoption adventure!  We are so excited to see what the Lord has planned for us as we embark upon this journey.  We have walked a difficult and heartbreaking road to get here, but we feel an overwhelming sense of peace that this is the way God intended for us to start our family all along.  From the time we got married, J.D. and I said we wanted to have one biological child and adopt a second.  We had planned out our future, but it was just that…OUR plan.  God had bigger and better plans for our lives. Shortly after we were married, J.D. and I lost our first son, Taylor Christian, during my sixth month of pregnancy.  After seeing a specialist, we were told that our loss was due to a chromosomal defect and there was a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that the same thing would occur a second time.  Losing Taylor was devastating, but it helped J.D. and I return to our faith and rely on our Heavenly Father in a way that I know was His plan all along.   Even though the doctors reassured us a healthy pregnancy was in our future we were fearful to try again, but in the Spring of 2015 we felt it was time.   I became pregnant quickly and was cautiously optimistic that we would finally be able to start our family.  We began seeing a specialist early on, and our worst fears were realized at 11 weeks into the pregnancy.  Our doctor saw “abnormalities” on the first ultrasound and immediately ran extensive genetic testing on the baby as well as on J.D. and me.  We were all encouraged when the testing came back 100% clean and there were no chromosomal or genetic abnormalities for any of us.  However, as the pregnancy progressed our doctor became more concerned.  He said in 34 years of practice in Maternal Fetal Medicine he had never seen a case like ours.  He had no answers for us, and yet again we were faced with the reality that our sweet baby would not survive.  At 24 weeks into the pregnancy Asher Ian passed away and joined his big brother.  I take comfort in knowing that my two sons will never know the pain and suffering of this fallen world and that they are in the arms of the perfect Father.  I look forward to the day when I will be able to hold them in my arms and tell them how much I love them both and would have loved to be their mother here on earth.

We have felt God’s presence each step of the way as we walked the painful road of loss.  He has been our strength and comfort through it all.  Although we still do not have any medical answers we do have our answer from God.  Adoption.  After much prayer, we feel strongly that we are meant to have a family so that we can raise our children to know, love, obey and exalt Jesus Christ.  It will just look a little different that what we originally planned.  We are so thrilled for you all to follow along we we set out on this adventure!


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